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  • Interactive Regional Map

    Local Equity market Snapshot – Total return performance in USD, as of October 2014

    1m Perf. (%)


    3m Perf. (%)


    1y Perf. (%)

    Interactive Tree Map (under development)

    Sectoral Equity market Snapshot – 1m total return performance in USD,

    The size represent the relative weight (%) in the index of a given sector, industry and stocks. Move down the tree with left-clicks on a node, and to move back up the tree with right-click.

  • Interactive valuation snapshot


    The application below allows to see a snapshot of valuation of various markets (based on P/E ratio) and how the current valuation compares with the historical data.

    Blue cells can be modified allowing you to choose the region.

    NB: future developments includes:

    • the addition of other financials ratios (P/B, P/CF, Dividend Yield, ROE, etc) 
    • a more granular historical data (currently yearly data points)
    • more markets
    • a similar snapshot across sector and industries

    Box Charts


    The box charts give you a quick overview of how ‘cheap’ or ‘rich’ each equity market is in a given regions, showing the current valuation alongside its historical median, min, max and 1st & 3rd quartiles. Use Google Chrome to see the application.

    NB: future developments are expected to adapt the scaling 

    Magnitude & Trend

    Following the identification of any particular equity markets above, this application will provide the magnitude of discount/premium (vs. historical median), alongside sparkline charts showing the overall trend. Use Google Chrome to see the application.

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  • Interactive performance snapshot

    The application below allows to see a snapshot of performance of various markets and how their style and size subsets have performed, alongside sparkline charts showing the overall trend over the period considered.

    Blue cells can be modified. Choose the region and time period over which you wish to see the performance (NB future developments will enable the choice of “as of date” (currently Oct-14) and compare the “Standard Core” (or “No Style bias”) approach with the 9 other subsets). Use Google Chrome to see the application.