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  • BlueSpade FX Discretionary

    BlueSpade FX Discretionary is a non systematic currency trading strategy, based mainly on technical  analysis with a fundamental overlay. It trades the G10 and G10 Cross currency pairs, and Emerging Markets currencies on an opportunistic basis.
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    BlueSpade FX Scalping

    Investment Strategy
    BlueSpade FX Scalping is a quantitative currency trading program, based on technical analysis of currency moves. It currently trades the most liquid pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/GBP, USD/JPY on the spot market and does not trade futures or options on Forex. This “All-weather” type strategy identifies short term trends and will hold open positions for a few seconds or minutes, limiting therefore market exposure risk. Positions are closed before the roll-over time in order to avoid detrimental swap rate: no carry trade bets. The average number of trades per day is expected to be between 10 and 50 depending on trading signals, with a return objective of 5 to 10% p.a. and a drawdown <15%.
    Risk Management

    The strategy aims at protecting capital using money management, stop losses and limited set maximum drawdown. Money management includes avoiding excessive leverage, under or over funding of brokerage account. The system is hosted by a high-quality VPS with multiple/redundant Internet connections. A periodical system check and automatic error alerting are also in place, as well as a discretionary, catastrophic stop in order to prevent disastrous drawdowns in case of infrastructure failure. 


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    BLUESpade FX Discretionary (live performance, since Dec-14)

    **trades+roll-over commissions, *trades only, Kernel Density Estimation with Silverman bandwidth

    PerformanceBlueSpade FX Discretionary
    Win / Loss80% / 20%
    Avg. win1.35%
    Avg. loss-0.90%
    Profit factor (Omega)1.84
    Commission (swap rate) (%)-0.82%
    Descriptive Stats.BlueSpade FX Discretionary
    Standard deviation2.64%


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  • Factsheet BlueSpade FX Discretionary – Dec-14